Big Wind from the East

Posted on April 26, 2011


We had quite a little morning. There are trees down all over the Township, and many power outages, although brief ones. (Great Lakes Energy did a good job over here. If I grouse about ’em when I’m mad I have to pat ’em on the back when I’m happy. Pat-pat!)

Chris Szejbach had a front row seat over on Torch Lake. She wrote, It’s not often Torch Lake acts like the Bay with waves this high—check out damage at the park, too—winds really high on this side of town.

Wuff! I’ve never seen Torch looking like that. Here’s another pic from Chris, this one of a tree down at the Day Park.

This is what happens when the wind decides to howl at us out of the East. Now that my power is back on the little camera and I are going out to investigate. Back later.

OK, we’re back. You can see the update here.