Dreams of live blogging from Chris’n’Sonny’s

Posted on April 16, 2011


So yesterday was the Big Day. Chris and Sonny opened up the Torch Lake Market for breakfast and the Season began.

Tami was cooking and made my eggs just so. Chris went back there and made one of those potato pancakes that make me weak in the knees. Babs laughed at me because she had been there for hours by the time I rolled in and had already finished her breakfast. (She, I might point out, does not keep dogs.)

There was all kinds of news, the major topic being the increasingly real possibility that Charter is upgrading its system to include, dare I breathe it, Real Internet in Torch Lake Township. Real Internet that might extend to my very own house. I certainly hope to live long enough to see that. (I have, you see, been disappointed by the Rascally ISP. After eight weeks of waiting hopefully, I am informed that the agreement we reached in February is Inoperative in April.)

Since I still await the blessing, I drove Betty Jo to Elk Rapids for her exercise class and went to the library to use the Real Internet available there. I sent humungous files about Civil War veterans to a correspondent, and they actually went there. Maybe it was the speed of the connection—or maybe it was the serendipity of another patron with a Happy Cat bag. OK, I digress, but I do like to keep track of these Happy Cat bag sightings.

In either case, Betty Jo and I managed to get down to Elk Rapids, take care of our respective business and get back to Chris and Sonny’s in time to join Babs for lunch. (Yes, twice in one day. All of us have been missing Chris and Sonny.) Dick and Nancy Ellison were there and Nancy had an announcement: “I have an app!”

Turns out her children’s book, Sprucie, is now available in a $1.99 read-aloud version delivered right to your iPhone.

I would give you a link but I am so befuddled by the whole app thing that I don’t even know how to do that. I make up for it by being able to decipher 19th century handwriting. Sigh.

Lunch was excellent. Babs, who has been working at it, is positively svelte. She had this gorgeous salad.

I dived into a hamburger with absolutely everything on it and it was delicious. I won’t show you the picture of the hamburger and I won’t show you a picture of me, either. I still have a little work to do. I should show you a picture of Chris and Sonny, because they both looked wonderful after their vacation. So, Snowbirds? You can come back now. You will be amazed at how buffed up the Township is.