We had Spring this afternoon

Posted on April 9, 2011


It’s northern Michigan.  We delight in whatever spring we get.  Over at the library the grackles were making an enormous grackle racket.  On the ridge that was Dan Blakely’s land 150 years ago, hawks wheeled in blue skies.  Ryan Romeyn was out in the field, easing along in perfectly straight rows.  We exchanged pleasantries–as of Wednesday, they are moved into the house they’ve been building for the last two years.  Three maybe, it’s easy to lose track.  They built the barn first of course.  There are old trees up there on the ridge, with the most deeply grooved bark imaginable, and a patch of dried goldenrod from last fall, full of goldenrod gall.  It was a perfect afternoon.  I hope yours was every bit as fine. 

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