TLV Sunday morning

Posted on April 3, 2011


I was spending some quiet time at a friend’s mother’s house recently—very restful, I recommend it—and was mesmerized by the glass collection.  Pressed glass, cut glass, Depression glass, carnival glass, all of it shiny and deeply attractive to my magpie mind.  And there was the little camera, full of playful possibilities.  I am a great believer in playtime. 

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Margie Guyot, who has a glass collection and a vintage tablecloth collection, just finished a painting that goes very well with the rest of this post.  You can see Cupcake Party here.  Margie says it has a sense of “gay chaos” in it, which pretty much sums up life at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop on a good day.  We have had a string of those lately, and it’s only right to say so.  We certainly make no bones about whining over the other kind.