Close to spring

Posted on March 14, 2011


Today has been a very fine day, and the Duo and I made best use of it, wandering through the sun-sparkled woods and down to the bayshore.  The wet snow that decked the trees on Friday had melted and refrozen, turning to tiny crystal sculptures shooting off rainbows.  This is the sort of late winter day that gives a person hope, so I tucked the old little camera, blind though it is, into my pocket.  The best camera is the one you have.  Most of the photos were what you’d expect, and I’m not about to show them to you, but hope was rewarded.

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I am pretty sure those are the closest I can come to close-ups without actually being able to see what I am doing.  I’m going to send the link off to Scott Thomas at Views Infinitum in fulfillment of his latest assignment which is, coincidentally enough, Close Up Photography.

As many of you know, Scott likes to post assignments that help a person learn to make better photos.  Even a person who is, um, starting pretty much from scratch, but also a person who is starting from well ahead of scratch.  If you’d like to participate, follow that link up there to read more about it.  You can send Scott a link to your blog or your Flickr site or, if you prefer, send me a note and we’ll work out getting your photo(s) posted here on Torch Lake Views.  (Clever minx, aren’t I!  Always getting other people to provide content!)  The deadline is March 23.

While we are on the subject of photography, I’ve made a new page up there on top, Gallery Babs.  There you will find links to her Flickrstream and her Apple albums and a few other little items.  I am resourceful.  Have fun.