Blues in the key of @$^*

Posted on March 5, 2011


If you read Torch Lake Views to learn about life Up North in Michigan—or if you read it to confirm your own good judgment about living here, even if you are Away during February and March—you might like to know how things have been going since yesterday’s Crankypants Post.  Life balances out.  Today I scavenged some photos from last week Before the Little Camera Died.  Here is your slideshow, Winter Blues in the key of @$^*:

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Furthermore . . .

  • My car is functional again, at a very reasonable price, pickup service, excellent advice and bad jokes included at no extra charge.
  • We stopped at the Eastport Market on the way home from Automotive Urgent Care, and it took me two hours to stock up on the necessities, largely because I kept running into people who have interesting things to say.
  • On the way home from the Eastport Market we stopped at Simply Hair to reschedule the haircut undone by Urgent Automotive Problems, and spent another hour yattety-yatting because there were more people who have interesting things to say.
  • Betty Beeby had been trying to call me for the better part of two days, but my phone was busy, a natural consequence of sloooooow dialup.  This morning she drove over here and climbed my 22 steps just to make sure I was OK.  This would be nice enough on its own, but Betty is 87 years old, and one might think I should be checking up on her rather than the reverse.  Nice.  Very nice.
  • Wendi Wooten was heading up to the Market and emailed to ask if I’d like a ride up there to stock up. Is that thoughtful or what?  That is thoughtful.
  • I’m going to have breakfast with Babs on Sunday.  Camera problems persist, but I have reason to believe that I will have a photo or two for you tomorrow.

Now I ask you, are those not sufficient reasons to put up with the aggravations of life Up North in winter?  I rest my case.