Leap of faith

Posted on February 20, 2011


Perhaps–only perhaps, you understand–perhaps by the middle of next month I will have something resembling Real Internet.  This will not interfere with my affection for Real Mail, but it will certainly give me more time to devote to writing Real Mail, and it will stop me whining about the lack of Real Internet. 

I have just signed a commitment—I know!  I am commitment averse!  But I make exceptions for True Love and Real Internet!—a commitment to pay a Rascally Internet Service Provider (RISP) quantities of money to bring Real Internet to my house.  If the RISP succeeds, the RISP will immediately become a Beloved ISP (BISP), and I will continue to fork over hard-earned cash on a monthly basis.  If the RISP disappoints me, I will probably have to commit a felony, in which case I will probably be able to use the Real Internet in the prison library once a week.

Just thought you’d like to know.  Want to see some pictures of the Bay from Thursday?  The wind practically blew us off our feet, but it was exhilarating.

That bit in the foreground is beach, the sand churned and frozen and full of ice balls, not unlike the Cowboy’s fur.  Beyond that there is ice and more ice, and beyond that ice mountains made by the waves splooshing up through holes in the ice, and beyond that some really cold water full of large chunks of ice and choppy waves, all of it battering at everything around it.  Far, far away on the horizon is the Leelanau Peninsula, where I will bet you even bigger choppy waves are pounding.  Fierce. 

Here are some closeups.  Sort of.  The little camera did its best, but the wind beat me fair and square and the motion was not all in the waves.

Imagine what it would be like to be a bird that fished for its living.  For that matter, imagine what it would be like to be a fish trying to maintain its equilibrium in all that chaos. 

But the birds, the fish, and all of us at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop seem determined to live in this trackless wilderness.  When you come right down to it, pretty much every day is a new leap of faith of one kind or another.  Exhilarating.