The Philology of Taste and the Food Foto Fantastiks

Posted on January 12, 2011


I was just talking to Wendi Wooten about The Philology of Taste.  It’s true, I was.  We have highly unusual conversations around here.  Anyway, we covered that and a few other matters and then I came home and found that Scott Thomas had issued another of his famous photography assignments.  Food!  He wants us to work on our food photography!

I’m all over this one.  I love putting food in the posts.  In the past year we have had Wendi’s chicken pot pie and Lois’s beans with bacon and my own pot roast and the Mother of All Morels and Crystal and Odi’s Mongolian dinner and Carol Park’s pineapple casserole.  We have picked cherries at King’s and dipped apples at Altonen’s and roasted chestnuts from Bob Haack’s Meadowlark Orchard—we even canned apricots!  We made cider at the Providence Farm potluck.  And of course, we went to the old fashioned hog slaughter.  I know you remember that, but don’t worry I’m not going back there for this assignment.

Then I got thinking.  You may loathe pot roast.  You may prefer lutefisk.  Taste is a Highly Individual Matter.  And of course, you have to cook for your crew and I have to cook for mine.  Variety is important at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop. 

There is no accounting for tastes.

I can hardly wait to see what we come up with for Scott’s assignment. It’s due January 26. Stay tuned. And while you’re waiting, you can read up.

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you! I never kid about food.