And another excellent treat: Homebrewed Ale

Posted on December 19, 2010


It has been a busy time in the Township as everyone is either getting ready for company or getting ready to go out of town.  The other afternoon there was even what passes for a traffic jam at the Post Office.

We were over there shipping books to people who had ordered them and picking up packages of things we had ordered.  It all balanced out.  In the new year, we hope to do a little better than balance out, although balancing out is good.

We’ve been thinking about other ways of enhancing our domestic economy, too.  Ambitious neighbors in the blogosphere are undertaking 365-day commitments and engaging in Whole Life Redesign and planning how to change the world.  We have more modest goals (and I’ll bet you can tell who added what to the list while looking significantly at whom): 

  • Make it so we can find stuff around here.
  • Make at least three good dinners every week.
  • Do not eat foul, disgusting things and then offer to kiss other members of the household.
  • Take longer walks – at least three miles every day, no cheating.
  • Do not claw or chew on anything that does not belong to us. 
  • Learn new skills, like plumbing repairs and electrical repairs and homebrewing. 

Hey, you have your priorities, we have ours.  Coincidentally, I am in receipt of this Press Release from Maria Wesserle at the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center:

Saturday, January 15th 1-5pm – Homebrewing Classes: Beer and Mead Making 

“Homebrewing Ale” starts at 1 pm.  In this workshop we will be showing the basics of making ale over your own stove, discussing brewing history, and even sampling examples of the style being brewed: a Traditional Scottish Ale. Samples are only for those of legal age. $10 per person.

“Mead making at home” starts at 3 pm. Mead, a honey wine, is the most ancient alcoholic beverage known. Come learn the basics of making this archaic wine and find out why it was once known as the “Nectar of the Gods.” Samples will be provided to those of age. $10 per person.

Cost is $15 per person if you attend both workshops.  For more info, call Wagbo at 231-536-0333 or email

I figure that anyone who manages to ferment a lot of stuff in the back of the refrigerator accidentally ought to be really good at intentional fermentation.  I have to admit that the excellence of this treat will be highly dependent on the skill of the brewer.  We will just have to wait to see how it goes, but I’m excited.  And the Cowboy is already deep into his Understanding Electrical Wiring textbook.  We can only hope he’s reading.