A day at the beach

Posted on December 7, 2010


I am in receipt of several remarks from Away to the effect that there are insufficient pictures of snow at Torch Lake Views. Where, lament the snowbirds, are the lovely piles of white stuff that gladden our hearts every December . . . while we are down here in Florida? Then they giggle.

Fine. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I put on our snowpants and our coats and . . . oh, wait. All that was just me. Anyway, after extensive preparations, we bounded out into the day on our mission. There was surprisingly little snow in the immediate vicinity—certainly not enough to gladden the hearts of malicious snowbirds. We headed down to the Bay. The wind practically blew us back up the bluff. That explains the paucity of snow. Ours has all blown off to the eastern precincts, somewhere in the vicinity of Mancelona. They may keep it. Plenty more is coming.

There is some snow on the beach, and sand blown over the snow. I like the effect—sort of like one of those swirly cake batters. A rim of ice is building up along the shore. Waves batter at it, trying to claw their way past it to reach the sand. Every now and then one spurts a geyser of extremely cold water into the air in frustration.

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I took my mittens off just long enough to take three or four pictures and had to thaw my fingers out for an hour when we got back to the den. Enjoy your slideshow. I’m going to go make cocoa.  I’ll make you some too if you stop the infernal giggling.

I’m making some for Birgitte and Mrs. Uhdd and Scott and Carsten, too, and putting marshmallows on top, because all of them have way more snow than we do.  Go figure.