The Power of Pink

Posted on October 3, 2010


I know, I know, the whole Awareness thing was supposed to be last week, but I’m just getting a Round Tuit and until I had that I couldn’t do a post.  The whole idea of Awareness is that it is supposed to help us do the things we can do to fight @$^* Invasive Species.  I figure that a person doesn’t have to raise an alarm about that on specific sanctioned unholidays.  A person can just go ahead and do it.  Here we go.

I believe in the Power of Pink..  I believe that there is restorative power in the wheel of the seasons in Antrim County–the persistence of pale pink apricot blooms and even pinker nectarine blooms, for example, every single spring.  I believe that there is tremendous healing in a piece of cherry pie offered by Betsy King wearing a pink hoodie.  I believe in the Sisterhood of the Cute Shoes, and in the sisterhood of the ugly but extremely comfortable pink Crocs.  I believe in the miracle of pale pink columbine growing in the Old Antrim City cemetery where some of my Civil War veterans sleep, and in the sunlit pink tulip in my birthday bouquet from my friend Helmy.  I believe in pink fuchsias, largely because hummingbirds believe in them, and I’m pretty sure hummingbirds know more about these things than I do. 

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I believe in the profound power of laughter.  I am pretty sure it can slay dragons.  That is why there is a picture of the Pink Flamingo Preserve.  I believe in the power of memory.  That is why there are pink forget-me-nots, too. 

But wait, wait–are you supposed to do something?  Yes!!  I’m glad you asked!!  There are three things you can do if you are from Around Here, and two that you can do if you are from Away.

  • There is a phenomenal effort planned by the singers and songwriters of northern Michigan to help Louan Lechler deal with the financial contingencies attendant upon her battle with the Invasive Species.  Everyone in musical circles knows Louan, and on Sunday, October 10, everyone will be over at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Greilickville from 2-7:00 pm, singing and playing and generally carrying on.  There will be music.  There will be a pot luck.  (There will be Pineapple Casserole.)  There will be a silent auction and a cash bar.  If you are from Around Here, there can be you, too.  You will have one heckuva good time and do a good thing for a truly splendid human being.  The price of admission?  Well, as we like to say in northern Michigan, free will offering.  I don’t see how you can go wrong.  More info here.  (If you are from Away, there might be something similar going on in your town for someone you know and love.  Invasive Species have utter disregard for borders.)
  • It has come to my attention that the reason for getting a flu shot is not just that you will be spared the misery of the plague. No, the reason for getting a flu shot is that you will keep from becoming a pest to your friend or neighbor or loved one whose immune system is compromised as s/he is going through oh, let’s say, chemotherapy, for example. So this is something you can do whether you are from Around Here or from Away. If you are from Around Here, there is even a bargain. On Thursday, October 14, from 3-7:00 pm you can get a flu shot and give blood over at the Township Hall. Two ways to be a useful citizen! If you have Medicare, you’re covered and the shot is free. If you don’t, it’s still a good deal at $15. More info here.
  • Whether you are from Around Here or from Away, you can be loving and patient and supportive to all the friends and neighbors and relatives who are waging a battle against Invasive Species themselves.  Don’t be scared.  Step right up and ask how they’re doing.  Listen to all of it.  If they can live it, we can listen to it.  Hush, now.  Just listen.  You will learn something useful, as life has a way of biting all of us in the derriere when we are distracted by other things.  Trust me.  There is Power in Pink.