There’s a pot roast in the oven

Posted on September 30, 2010


Now I know it’s autumn.  I spent much of the golden afternoon wandering around between home and Elk Rapids taking pictures of golden fields and Stan Dawson’s vineyard and fat pumpkins, and it all looked so good that I came home and . . . cooked.  I did that!  I never do that!  I forage, I slice and dice and pour dressing over the result.  I munch on raw vegetables and guacamole and eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches for breakfast and scrambled eggs with bacon and salsa for dinner, and I occasionally broil a fish.  I eat well, but, mark my words, I do not cook.   

Except in autumn.  Well, and every day of Rob the Firefighter’s growing up, as, believe it or not, we sat down to dinner as a family virtually every night of that entire lifetime.  And you know what?  He cooks!  And the Lady Alicia cooks!  And whenever I visit them they feed me such amazingly delicious food that it is a miracle I ever return home because I do not cook.  I digress. 

Tonight my house is filled with the fragrance of garlic and onion and thyme and cloves and tomatoes and a fine chuck roast cut by Sonny himself, all of it braising in apple cider with cherry juice in it.  The dogs are on their very best behavior, hoping against hope.  They have been so good that their hope will be rewarded.  One wishes to encourage such goodness.

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All this goodness does not come without effort, and sometimes it is easy to remember that we did the hard work and earned the reward, and be a little smug.  It is harder to remember that we had help here and there: a kind word, an outreached hand, the enormous advantage of a good start.  A little humility might be in order.  In any case, there is plenty here to share.  Enough, I think, for everyone.  Here–have some nice pot roast.

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