Turn, turn, turn

Posted on September 23, 2010


I always expect a spell of wonderful weather in September.  This year has been something of a disappointment in that regard, but yesterday made up for it.  I went rambling across country with the Duo.  I found huge, perfect, delicious tomatoes at Providence Farm.  I stopped at King’s for apples: Galas and McIntosh.  I returned things to the library and took out more things.  I stopped in at the Eastport Market for needful items and exchanged pleasantries with Angela and Russ and Kathy.  Kathy handed me a coupon good for $1.50 on my next fuel fillup.  (She will give you one, too, if you make a qualifying purchase.)  I sat in the sun and read while my laundry sloshed itself clean and dried itself fluffy.  I had a good supper, remembered to take a picture of the full moon rising over the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, and toddled off to bed.

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Today is a different story.  Miss Sadie apparently got into something yesterday that disagreed with her last night, so this morning I had some work to do on the carpet.  It’s drying now, and it’s going to take it awhile as it is raining.  Miss Sadie is asleep in the dog room, recovering.  I pulled on my yellow slicker and went out for the Record-Eagle to read over breakfast.  A little item caught my attention.  Can it possibly be true that Traverse City Light and Power will spend $2,250 apiece to replace lightbulbs in streetlamps—as an economy measure???  Finally, either I have a miserable cold or I have miserable allergies.  It can be hard to tell the difference.


I had yesterday.  I am re-reading Bruce Catton’s Waiting for the Morning Train, with a nice cup of tea and a box of tissues at the ready.  I have clean clothes and a good stash of tomatoes and apples—and I’m $1.50 to the good on my next fillup at the Eastport Market.

It’s going to be all right.