TLV Sunday morning: The tail end of summer

Posted on August 29, 2010


It dawned on me yesterday that I have spent far too much time working and not enough time playing. This as I was sitting down on the beach watching the waves and combing some of the knots out of the Cowboy’s curly fur while Miss Sadie rolled in the sand. You should not feel too sorry for my poor overworked self.

So we spent a little time chasing stones and wading and then we came home and had excellent treats, as is proper. I have been fattening on nectarines and peaches and raspberries, and we are just now heading into apple season. By the time the snow flies I will not be able to fit into my YakTrax. It is time, then, to Take Measures. More walking, less brooding over antique documents.

August is burnished gold. Time comes at us on a slant, illuminating our lives as late afternoon sun puddles in hidden places. We notice things we would never see at noon—and are blinded to what was obvious at dawn.  This, I think, is why it is important to have friends who are looking at the world from different perspectives.  We can help each other be a little less foolish.

Yoda Cowboy and Obi-Wan Kesadie are of the opinion that it will be a good autumn, particularly if I mean it about more walking. Of course, they think each new day is bound to be a good one unless it proves otherwise. They do not trouble themselves overmuch about things beyond their control. I expect they are right.