Katherine’s hedgehog

Posted on August 3, 2010


Katherine does not waste words. Not much to say about these, she wrote. I just liked the graphic when I eliminated most of the color. She did not mention the bee.

Two or three years ago I came home from Providence Farm with my CSA share and a bonus: a dried flower that, like these, looked like a cross between a thistle and teasel.  It caught my fancy, and I still have the flower head.  A week ago I was over at Verdant Ground and there, at the end of the drive, was this very plant. What, I inquired, is that stuff?  Thistles, said Katherine.    

This has been driving me nuts since then–OK, someone I used to know said that was a pretty short trip–but I think I finally found an ID.  It’s Echinops, a cultivated plant related to thistles, and often called Globe Thistle.  There are a gazillion varieties, and I dont’ know which this is for sure, but I’m betting on Echinops exaltatus

Just to make things interesting and keep you on your toes, there is an animal called an Echinops telfairi.  I love the name.  Tell a fairy.  You know what it is when it’s at home?  A hedgehog.  A person can go down an endless number of rabbit trails–or Echinops telfairi trails–putting a blog together.