On Verdant Ground

Posted on July 13, 2010


All my letters from Katherine are full of wonderfully quirky things, but this one is special.

Katherine writes: This is to announce the Grand Opening of our new Farm Stand and Co-op this coming Saturday, July 17th, noon till 4… We will show you around the naturally grown gardens of which there are 3 large ones. There wil be some snacks and beverages on hand. The stand will be open Saturday and Sunday. Pete Peterson (of Tapawingo fame) will be making some things every week like cookies and scones for sale in the Farm stand. So stop by to say HI~~Katherine   P.S. Forgot to give you the addresss of the Verdant Ground Co-op and Farm Stand ( I’m tired) It is 7130 Old Dixie Highway (or The Flat Road) Eastport, Michigan.

Now here’s the thing. Katherine and Steve (that’s Steve under the hat in the photo) garden the way Charles Dickens wrote—obsessively and to good effect. They are also the Canners of Pepper Water, and thus revered around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.

And here’s the other thing. Well, this is for those of you from Away, as everyone around here who read the first paragraph has already walked, cycled or driven over to wait in line for Saturday’s opening. Because Pete Peterson? He’s a chef the way Monet was a painter, giving you new ways to taste the wonders that are right outside your door.

I believe I may have mentioned that I like living in Antrim County because this is where the food is.  Did I mention that it’s really, really good food?