Requiem for a camera

Posted on May 22, 2010


This is a lovely morning. Green, quiet, shiny with rain. But I fear, I truly do, that my little camera is dead. It captured this morning’s walk and then Phffft! The screen flashed brilliant white with a streak of brown burnmark and some purple zigzags. Very dramatic. Particularly in contrast with its last peaceful images.

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There is nothing for it but to make the dismal trek into the Gauntlet of Commercialism to purchase a replacement. I will miss that little camera. Rob the Firefighter gave it to me as a Christmas gift in 2007. Since then it has made more than 10,000 images. It has been dropped in the snow, banged around on hikes over the drumlins and tucked in every pocket I own. For two and a half years I have almost never left the house without it. Good little camera. Rest in peace.