S#%@ is on the way but not to worry

Posted on May 6, 2010


The weather forecasters are unanimous.  This weekend–Mothers Day!–we are to be visited by rain turning to sleet turning to s#%@.  Mama Nature will have her little joke.  This raises the troubling question, what of Joanne and Tom, who are on their way here on their bicycles?  Will they wish they had packed YakTrax? 

Not to worry.  They are still deep in the Deep South, pedaling along in oppressive heat, dodging thunderstorms and floods and speeding trucks.  (You can follow their progress on the new page on Torch Lake Views: The Great Bike Trek of 2010.  It resides at present on a tab up there next to Ourstory.  After it’s finished it will move inside Ourstory, so if you’re reading this in the year 2050 or something you’ll just have to go there to look for it.) 

By the time the Trek finishes up at Blue Heaven we will all be lolling about on the deck or the dock or the boat, take your pick, admiring the blue skies and the blue, blue water.  OK, so this weekend isn’t looking so great.  Fine.  We’ll go out and about without our YakTrax while we can.

Myrtle twines about the stones that are meant to keep my house from sliding down the hill (so far so good).  It is blooming with abandon, and the sight of it pleases me every time I walk past.  Interspersed with the myrtle there is a lot of Yellow Archangel.  I’m pretty sure it’s trying to invade the entire yard, but there are a lot of things in my yard that are trying to take over, and they’re giving it a good fight. 

The Archangel has a certain feral look to it. Very Little Shop of Horrors. Meet Audrey. Lamiastrum galeobdolon to you, buster.

I am landlord to a variety of tiny creatures who do not acknowledge my ownership of the premises in the least. Take the midges for example.

Those miserable little black helicopters are everywhere, littering the beach, getting in the way of the Archangel’s closeup. I never did figure out their proper name last spring (we settled on “midges”) and now I don’t care. I just want them to go away.  Given the weekend that’s coming, they will.

I know I showed you the forget-me-nots before, but I left out the white ones, so here you go.

That should hold us until it gets nice again.