Babs found the Sandhill Cranes

Posted on April 26, 2010


A dozen years ago my friend Carol Park took me to see the Sandhill Cranes at a park near Chelsea, Michigan.  Some of her friends were ornithologists who liked sharing what they knew, and lugged spotting scopes the size of small cannons to the park so that everyone could see closeups of the star attractions in full migratory spate.  I was smitten by the cranes, and spent a couple of hours lying on my back in the grass, watching them fly in and land on the marsh, listening to their music.  I long to do that again. 

People who live along Farrell Road have told me that the cranes are a regular feature of their farms in the spring and fall.  I’ve heard them myself, and one day a pair flew right over the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, but I always miss the morning coffee bunch.  Today was Babs’s day to be with the cranes.  She writes, I found these Sandhill Cranes off Farrell Road this afternoon.  There were five of them in a corn field. As I walked closer, they flew. And I thought they would run up to me.

Maybe if I go over there with my sleeping bag and spend a few days just watching . . .