Three promises

Posted on April 23, 2010


It sounds like a selection at a Chinese restaurant, doesn’t it? “Three Promises: Shrimp simmered in Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Lobster bits with Ginger, and Baby Carrots suffused with Orange Blossoms.” Nuts. Now the Cowboy and I are hungry. Anyway, our Three Promises are far more mundane. This morning I am going to:

  • Investigate the chestnut orchard on Farrell Road, and look for Sandhill Cranes while I’m at it
  • Meet Katy at Pine Hill to look at some willow weaving (really, you should look at what Carsten has gotten up to)
  • Take Miss Sadie and the Cowboy for a walk somewhere they’ve never been before

That’s the plan. I should be cleaning house in anticipation of the arrival of Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia and the grand-dogs, but I am going to go looking for chestnuts and Sandhill Cranes and willow weavings. Life is short. 

It is full of promise in the spring, too.  While I’m off wandering, you can go on an orchard tour with John King.  I’ll be back.