Playing catch-up

Posted on April 10, 2010


American Iliad

Last night I went to Jim Ribby’s performance at the old Township Hall in Elk Rapids.  If you were there, you know why I’m glad I went.  If you missed it, here’s a little glimpse.  For two hours, Jim took us back to the fields of wartime Ohio, the battlegrounds of Tennessee, the streets of Abraham Lincoln’s Washington D.C.   The place was full of Civil War veterans–not just the ones that have been living with me this year, but the ghosts and descendants of all the others who came here when their war was over.  I think if you look closely you can see them.

The Mural

Donna Lane just sent me an email that jogged what remains of my memory.  I never followed up on the story of the mural at Sonny’s.  By now everyone in the Township who is here in March has been by to see the finished work, but there are those of you who are in Florida, or from Away, who have not seen it!   So here it is:

You can go see a whole slide show at Dennis Orlowski’s website.  You can also see a complete reprint of the article in the Elk Rapids News.  You can, in short, see everything but a link to Torch Lake Views.  But am I hurt?  ‘Course not.  Don’t be silly.  I am vengeful.  You will have to google to find the slideshow.  Now on to the good part.  The prizes!  (Um, there was a contest involved.  It’s been so long you’ve probably forgotten.  Sorry.)  The envelopes please, Miss Sadie.

  • For the best-imagined scenario: Carsten!
  • For the most thorough research: Isa!
  • For the punniest response: Amy-Lynn!
  • For the wildest flight of fancy: Fee!  (who has no link because she is a sensible Scot who does not blog, saving her considerable store of wit for commenting)

You may claim your prize by sending me a Contact note with your address.  I will ship it off right smartly.  Since all the winners, without exception, are not just from Away but from Far, Far Away—and since the Cowboy made off with several excellent treats—the prizes will be light in weight but heavy with Torch Lake Significance.

For those of you from Here, aren’t you sorry you didn’t play?  You might have won cinnamon rolls.  Never mind, they’re all gone.  (Not to worry.  Chris will make more, and Sonny’s will be open every day beginning in two weeks.)