OK, it’s snowing, big deal

Posted on April 8, 2010


So this morning as I got ready to leave for a dentist appointment I noticed some fat flakes of snow falling out of the sky and onto my trees. Also onto my road, so I was late to the dentist. This did not put me in a great mood, but hey, we knew it was going to snow at least once in April, right? Here’s the thing. It is not going to stick around. It will be gone by the weekend.

See?  I took this for you just a couple minutes ago.  Right here at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop there’s hardly enough to worry about anyway. Unless you have a dentist appointment, and then you have bigger fish to fry than snowfall. I will grant you that it is a little nippy out there, but seriously, you hadn’t put your winter coat away yet anyway, right? Am I right? Of course I’m right.

Evidence that it’s going to be all right:

  • This year I posted pictures of Dutchmen’s breeches yesterday.  Last year I didn’t spot any until April 28, three whole weeks later (Spring tiptoes over the drumlins).
  • This year the parking lot at Sonny’s was clear of snow so long ago that I didn’t even bother posting about it.  Last year there was a snowpile there on April 26 (Frugal Bugle: Free green things).
  • This year the ice-out on Torch happened in mid-March.  Last year Babs showed plenty of ice on April 20 (Ice parts revealing summer) and Chris showed you an eagle walking around on the ice at the Day Park on April 15 (Even the eagles wanted to know when the ice would go off Torch Lake).
  • This year the Romeyns went to the beach on St. Patrick’s Day.  There is absolutely nothing comparable to that anywhere else on Torch Lake Views.

I rest my case.  We are so far ahead of the game that I don’t want to hear any whining about it at all.  Not even from you, Jack Bodis.  Stop that!  It’s going to be all right.