Moth? at the firehouse

Posted on March 22, 2010


Rob the Firefighter was at work last night when the health care reform vote finished up, so that’s where I reached him on his cellphone. The firefighters had just finished picking up lines at a false alarm, so we got to talk as they rode back to the firehouse. I tell you what, moms in the 19th century would have looked a whole lot less grim in their photos if they’d been able to talk to their distant sons on cellphones. I digress.

We celebrated the vote, traded news of this and that, laughed and commiserated. After awhile, I could tell that the Firefighter was distracted. It turns out he had spotted “some kind of moth” that looked different from any other he’d seen. It seemed, he said, to fold its wings up when it landed. He was trying to get close enough to get its picture. Go for it, said Mom the Blogger, and send me the picture! You see how I am. In due course, this arrived in my email, fresh from the Firefighter’s cellphone camera:

The Moth is disposed attractively on a shiny red fire rig. I have no idea what it is. Rob the Firefighter has no idea what it is. However, we would be glad of any advice on the matter.