Rolling into spring

Posted on March 11, 2010


Yesterday morning we all had spring fever.  Down to the beach!  There is nothing so exhilarating to the northern soul as trotting out into the day without coat, hat, gloves, boots . . . . ah, freedom.  OK, it would have been better to wear boots.  Anyway, we were all off leash for an hour or so. 

I, of course, took pictures.  Miss Sadie did her spin dance and dug vast holes in the sand.  The Cowboy found a fish. 

It was embedded in ice, so it took him quite a long time to get it loose.  I made him leave it.  I think it’s amazing that the skin of a fish lasts so long and is so tough.  I wonder that we’ve never made shoes of fish skin.  Well, there is the smell of course.  But hides don’t smell so good either before they’re tanned.  OK, this is not where this post was going.  Let’s go find the Cowboy.  Aha.

That is the very essence of spaniel bliss.

We had a little rain last night, so today dawned misty. 

We walked through the woods and then . . . back to the beach!

We wish to report the very first sighting of pussy willow buds.  Surely there will be spring.