The Weatherman has a Little Adventure

Posted on March 9, 2010


This just in from Bruce Laidlaw, a/k/a The Weatherman.  I swear, some people will do anything to show off their iPhones. 

I am writing from my very nice room in Munson Hospital. My residence for the last week. The adventure started on the ski trails in Barnes Park. We had skied about 4 miles on trials that were so fast that I had barely worked up a sweat. Suddenly I could not suck in enough air to keep me going. Fortunately, the route to our place was mostly downhill, but when I got there, it was clear that a 911 call was needed. The Torch Lake Township ambulance has 4 wheel drive and it was able to negotiate our snowy and hilly driveway. I got to hear the siren blare as I was taken to Torchport Airport to meet a helicopter. I had my iPhone with me and it was a bright sunny evening; so I was able to record the trip.

A stop to look at the scenery half a mile from the start of the adventure.

View of the bay just after takeoff.

Torch Lake on my left.

The pilot.

Final approach to Munson.

Pictures of my insides reveal a large pulmonary embolism. A blood clot had traveled from my leg to my lungs. It was blocking most of the blood flow to the lungs. Fatal in most cases, but within 48 hours the clot had dissolved to the point I was ready to go home. But there was a new twist. Like all the patients in the Coronary Care ward I had leads on my chest hooked to a device that radioed heart activity to a central monitor. It showed that the heart was skipping an occasional beat while I was sleeping. Skip too many and there is big trouble. Yesterday, a pacemaker was inserted. No more skipped beats and I should be going home today.

I am grateful that they took Bruce’s iPhone away from him before wheeling him into surgery. I am also grateful that he is in excellent condition, and thus survived the Little Adventure. I am grateful for the nice ambulance with four-wheel drive that got up the snowy drive, and for the excellent EMS personnel who packaged Bruce up and hustled him off to the rendezvous with the Northflight helicopter, which is another dandy vehicle. I love stories with happy endings, don’t you?