There are benefits and then there are benefits

Posted on February 26, 2010


I’ve explained before about the day job and the other day job and the freelance jobs—the usual Up North patchwork. One way and another I spend a good deal of time at the Eastport Market. So does everyone else in the township. A friend who worries inordinately about me asked recently, Well, does it come with benefits? Hmm. Not, perhaps, in the way he meant, but look at it my way. Where else would I meet a princess in a mink coat?

Besides, I get to work with Kathy Windiate and Angie Kline, the A-Team. And when things are slow on a winter night, people tell me stories. I’m always going home with my pockets stuffed with slips of paper reminding me to call so and so about such and such. Rich, I tell you. I’m rich.