I am in love with an orange truck and the Cowboy and Miss Sadie are pretty fond of it, too

Posted on January 4, 2010


You may recall that I wondered where all our snow was, given the dire predictions of at least ten inches of the stuff late last week. For a time I thought it had been misdirected to the north of England, but in due course it was delivered to Torch Lake Township, just in time to make it difficult to go to the day job and the other day job, not to mention the stores where treats are sold.

This morning as I walked through fluffy heaps of white with Miss Sadie and the Cowboy I gave passing thought to how I was going to get out and about on my rounds. Then we heard a great clanking and banging of large metal blades, a groaning and chugging of an engine, and saw-yes!-the blessed orange truck of the Antrim County Road Commission. We stepped reverently to the side of the road. Actually, we hustled right up the Remund’s driveway to get out of the way. The orange truck came.

The orange truck went.

And behind it, the orange truck left a passable road. Oh bliss, oh joy! No snow day for us!

No mail or Record-Eagle for us, either, unless we clear some space by the mailbox. But Dale Reedy will have a swipe at that while he’s here plowing the driveway, and by the time Dee Grammer trundles through with the mail she’ll be able to open the box and deposit valuable communications. On Tuesday morning Dean Peters will be able to reach the green tube where the newspaper belongs, and all will be right with the world. Lovely orange truck.