Posted on December 13, 2009


Yesterday morning I walked through the blue light and swirling shadows I remember from childhood winters. I rummaged through the attic and sure enough I found some childhood imagination. And unlike everything else I’ve packed away in there, it still fits. I saw a family of iguanas climbing a tree, a dancer reaching for a star, a string of bells, a cat on a tightrope, and a pair of ghosts peeking into the Gnome’s house. If you’d been with me you’d have seen a lot that I missed. Too late now – it’s all melting away under an unnerving gray flannel sky.

However, there is a prize for the first person who can spot the iguanas, the dancer, the bells, the cat and the ghosts – or pretend to in order to save my feelings. It’s a good prize, too. Antrim County is known for its excellent treats.