Dinosaurs and Dr. Seuss trees in Edenshores

Posted on July 31, 2009


Alana Haley sent me an email. Next Wednesday at Pine Hill Nursery Master Gardener Ruth Chapin will help Perk up your Tired Container.   My mind wandered to my containers, all of them completely neglected since last summer.  My feet wandered out to the deck to inspect the one on the railing.  Perhaps it was not tired.  It had a good nap over the winter, looking like a muffin under its ten-inch cap of snow.  I had no idea what it might have been up to since.

It turns out that the container has taken matters into its own hands and created a stunning miniature world right here in Edenshores. Stands of Dr. Seuss trees rise above a forest of mosses.  Lichen spread across the land to the east.  Umbrella plants sprout over in the southern hemisphere. A spider hunts for prey, looming over the landscape like an enormous dinosaur.  Dune had its Sandworms—here there are translucent green Lichenworms.  There are wetlands, rolling hills, blooming trees—even a patch of primal ooze. Who knows what’s evolving there?  An alien maple seed has helicoptered down. If it germinates, it will surely become an invasive species, taking over this tiny world.

[Update! I have been wandering through online botanical sites and have discovered that the Dr. Seuss trees and the “lichen” in the photos are liverworts. Marchantia Polymorpha to be precise. Or at least a lot more precise than “Dr. Seuss trees.” And the “flowers” are spores. Who knew??]

Looky here (Um, you remember about clicking on images to make them larger, right?  Just checking.):

If you have higher ambitions for your containers, you might want to go over to Pine Hill on Wednesday. Have lunch at the Garden Cafe while you learn useful things from Ruth Chapin. Then there’s the talk in Traverse City about Sustainable Landscaping—which is pretty much what I’ve developed on the deck by accident. Back up in Torch Lake Township Connie Kutzleb will take up the subject of Putting Food By: Fermented Foods. Judging by the state of my refrigerator, this is another one where I may have a head start. Alana’s entire email is attached and you can read it here.