Posted on June 24, 2009


Summertime isn’t really playtime up here unless you’re just visiting, in which case it is the best playtime you’ll ever have probably. But even those of us who are working overtime storing up nuts for the winter need a little R&R now and then.  Here are some invitations to play.  (Click on images for larger versions.)

Summer Magic at Raven Hill

Raven Hill LithophoneCheri Leach sent along this photo of Tom Kaufmann (foreground), Hannah David and Zane Thomas setting up the new granite lithophone (“sound from stone”) at Raven Hill Discovery Center.  Volunteers have installed all sorts of oversized musical instruments in the new Earth Tones Music Garden: a friction harp, chimes, triangles, wooden Amadinda (Ugandan xylophone) and metal whale drum.  You can play them at a regular visit to the center or at a really nice party on July 17.  It’s a fundraiser, but it’s only $20 (unless you bid at the Silent Auction, which I am prone to do, as a great many donors are splendid artists) and the treats are exceptional

Creative photography challenge

Red barnwoodAmy at Flandrum Hill—a blog about Nova Scotia that I enjoy very much—posted a Midsummer’s Scavenger Hunt.  This is the sort of game dear to bloggers, and Amy has come up with a creative example of the art. (Remember our love letter to Torch Lake Township for Scott Thomas’s local landmarks challenge? And our Five Treasures entry for Kathy’s spring challenge from the UP?) I’m going to play, and I thought the photographers among you might like to play, too.  The deadline is July 20.  (If you’d like to play and don’t know how, get in touch.  I’ll help you.)

Storytime at the Writing Studio & Bait Shop

Beach washingOnce upon a time, so long ago that I’d forgotten about it, I started writing this story.  Or maybe it wants to be a play.  That happens sometimes.  Whatever it is, I unearthed it the other day when I was thinking of something else, and now I’m going to finish it.  I figure if I put it out here you’ll make me get the job done.  Or tell me to give it up.  Or ignore the whole thing, which might be advisable.  It is a Work In Progress.  Read the first part of Indian Summer.