Orchard check

Posted on June 1, 2009


On our rounds we wander into orchards where we have permission to be and check on progress. So far so good, as far as I can tell–which isn’t very far. In place of clouds of blossoms there are tidy rows of trees leafed out in fresh green.

Orchard check - leafed out

Hard little cherries grow green on the branch.  (Boy, I hope they’re cherries.  I’m going to feel pretty silly if they’re peaches.  Nah, they’re not peaches.  Hope they’re cherries.)

Orchard check - baby cherries

The nectarine blossoms have lost their petals.  I hope they’re busy forming fruit. I love nectarines.

Orchard check - Nectarine buds

The view across the way to Shooks farm is still lovely.

And the view across the vale is still lovely

But none of it’s a fairy tale, for all that, and we won’t know if there’s a happily-ever-after for a couple of months yet.  John and Betsy King, who have made Creative Adventuring into an art form, and built their whole life around not knowing that they couldn’t, wowed ’em at the Wilkinson Speakers Series tonight with rollicking tales of the King Farm.  More on that tomorrow.  Also on why the whole 911 system was down in Antrim County for the better part of the day, along with a lot of telephone and internet service.