What a mess. What a beautiful mess.

Posted on April 14, 2009


Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were multi-tasking over in Central Lake. While the laundry was sloshing around at the Wash Tub we had a little constitutional and took some snapshots of the former Lamplight Inn. What a mess. An overflowing dumpster here, a flapping blue tarp there, a parking lot full of trucks, a clutter of signs on the lawn. The awning is missing, along with some of the roofing.

What a mess

When his Blue Pelican restaurant burned last year the irrepressible Chris Corbett pondered his options. The Lamplight Inn in Central Lake was for sale. Good place for a restaurant. He struck a deal and the place has been a shambles for months. Lord, what a beautiful sight. Look at all those jobs.

Look at all those beautiful jobs

It’s all coming together. One of the trucks there yesterday belonged to the Antrim County Building Inspector. Pretty soon you’ll be able to eat crabcakes and pulled pork sandwiches on that long porch. Meanwhile enjoy the beautiful mess.