Come out and play

Posted on April 11, 2009


There are lots of places to play in Torch Lake Township and a great many of them are listed over there in the right column under “Parks and Trails.”  But maybe your idea of playtime is something different?  Or maybe you have noticed something we could do better at one of our parks?  Have I got an offer for you. 

An ad hoc committee has been assembled to update Torch Lake Township’s Community Recreation Plan.  GACK!! Another committee?  Well, yes.  I am on this committee.  So are Sue Sarin, Carrie Perez and Sharon Philion.  Here’s the good part.  So are you.  We really need your advice.  Can’t do without it.  So start thinking about how you like to play, and what you think the Township’s recreation spending priorities should be. 

You can write comments on this post, send email through the “Contact” feature at the top, call anybody on the committee, stop us at the grocery store, sit down at the breakfast table at Sonny’s, answer the Public Opinion Survey the Board plans to send out . . .   Sometime in mid-May we’ll have a meeting over at the Township Hall to begin sifting through the information.  Stay tuned. 

Below, in no particular order at all, there is a list of things that I know people do in the Township for the pure joy of it.  Some of these I do.  The last three were added by Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and Miss Puss.  Anything you’d like to add?

Cross-country skiing – Bird-watching – Cycling – Trail-hiking – Beach-walking – Swimming – Wading – Sand castle making – Kayaking – Sailing – Trolling – Rowing – Motor-boating – Wildflower seeking – Geocaching – Nature photography – Horse-riding – Basketball – Volleyball – Weather-watching – Leaf-peeping – Stargazing – Sunset watching – Sunrise watching – Picnicking – Petoskey stone collecting – Morel hunting – Drumlin climbing – Ice skating – Rollerblading – Camping – Climbing play sculptures – Building forts – Swinging – Sliding – Ice fishing – Lake fishing – Bay fishing – Shore fishing – Turkey hunting – Deer hunting – Golfing – Antiquing – Ice boating – Snow sculpture – Gardening – Exploring history – Amateur archaeology – Performance art – Poetry-making – Storytelling – Music-making – Quilting – Cooking – Baking – Maple syrup making – Preserving – Plein air painting – Stone sculpting – Jewelry making – Woodworking – Ice carving – Mural painting – Ball-chewing – Stick-chasing – Mousing . . .

Wading in the Bay