Can’t help loving extravagant sunsets

Posted on April 7, 2009


As I hammered away at the keyboard the setting sun splashed me in the face. I turned to look and POW the whole sky caught fire. I grabbed the camera, flew out the door and down a whole lot of stairs, trotted across the road and trespassed through the neighbors’ yard to get there before the spectacle faded.

Thrum, thrum. Streamers of candy-colored light rode the wind. Dark waves crashed on the beach and threw back shards of color. Bare trees vibrated. I took as many pictures as I could before frostbite set in.

I cannot help it. I love extravagant, tacky sunsets. The ones that look like cheap paper fans unfurling into rainbows. The ones that look like ridiculous layered drinks, one gaudy liqueur layered over another, guaranteed to give you a bad headache. The ones featured on the revolving lamp bases of my youth, deer racing through forest fires, eagles flying across orange and purple skies.

It comes of growing up in a northern tourist town where the Gift Shops were full of cedar boxes and china bears and carved Hodags, where an art gallery was something that you might meet sometime in the distant future if you ever went away to a Big City like Milwaukee. Ah well. I went away to big cities and learned a lot of very interesting things. But I never lost my taste for good beer, a juicy burger, and a big, brassy, rosefire and flaming amethyst sunset.

Rolling rainbows

Dying coals of sunset across the road

Even the dying coals were over the top.

Over on the Leelanau at the Jolli Lodge, Greg Jolliffe was looking at the sunset, too. As he is a much better photographer, I encourage you to go over there and take a look.

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