A bow to the Goldsworthy of Flandrum Hill

Posted on April 3, 2009


And now time out for more blogger playtime.  You will recall that our U.P. neighbor Kathy held a scavenger hunt on Opening the door, walking outside—wherein the team of Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were first to return with the required items, thus winning the prize for being on time, which set people to laughing uncontrollably from one end of the Township to the other.  Now another blogger has won the prize for creativity, and I encourage you to visit Flandrum Hill to see what a really determined person can do to create beauty from, er, found objects. 

Artist Andy Goldsworthy has carried the arrangement of natural materials “where found” to extraordinary heights.  We’ve discussed his work before on Torch Lake Views, in the comments that followed Stone Castles on the Bay.  You’ll understand, then, why I present this first-ever TLV Goldsworthy Award to Flandrum Hill.