Getting a good start

Posted on January 1, 2009


Since I spent way too much time yesterday shopping at the Annual Pajama Sale in Elk Rapids, there was a lot to do for the New Year Open House at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, and some of it wasn’t done by the appointed time.  Wendi Wooten to the rescue.  She arrived first, bearing chocolate, and washed all the dishes I’d dumped in the sink during the cooking frenzy.  Have I mentioned recently that I have extraordinarily kind friends?

While Wendi created order from chaos, I made a batch of Carol Park’s famous scalloped pineapple, lots of coffee and a hashbrown casserole. I set out an array of cold beverages and some spiral-sliced ham.  I kept the Cowboy from absconding with the ham.  The neighbors trooped in, ate, chatted, and demanded the recipe for the scalloped pineapple.  

Louan Lechler, who sold me most of the stock at Stuff ‘n’ Such during Wednesday’s sale, came in with an important news bulletin.  The 2009 New Year baby at Munson Hospital in Traverse City was  Maddox Maddux Jack Koch, born to Jeff and Danielle Koch, grandchild of Pat and Jack Koch, all of Elk Rapids.  Congratulations all round.  Since Grandma Pat owns Stuff ‘n’ Such, I could see that everything I spent on Wednesday was going to be transformed into giant stuffed bears and other grandparently indulgence before nightfall.  I’ve done my part for the economy AND scooped all the local papers with the news of Maddox’s Maddux’s birth.   [Ed. 01-02-09:  Pride goeth before a fall.  This is where reporters have it all over bloggers.  They have editors and fact checkers . . . OK, I had a fact checker, too, but when Louan called last night to update me on the spelling of Maddux’s name I was just too lazy to go back and re-do the post.  Sorry, Maddux!  And welcome to Antrim County.]

Louan stayed after to help walk the dogs and pin up my new slacks for shortening.  I am so far ahead of the game, and so delighted with all these accomplishments, most of them other people’s, that I’m going to go take a nap.  I would offer you some scalloped pineapple, but it’s all gone. 

What a good day it’s been.  Hope you’re having a good start, too.