People who light up the holiday

Posted on December 25, 2008


You might think that the parents of grown children would get to sleep in on a Christmas morning.  Ha.  Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and Miss Puss roused me out of a sound sleep with the news that all of them wished to go outside.  Now.  Pull on coat over pjs.  Jam hat on head.  Put boots on wrong feet, take first do-over of the day.  Gloves.  Leashes.  At last.

We shuffle through the snow (just what we needed, more of it) to the road and remember that the Antrim County Road Commission will not plow us out until sometime tomorrow.  No matter.  Lots of neighbors have AWD and have been packing down ruts.  We have our little walk and stop at the mailbox for the paper.  It occurs to me that Dean Peters has not been sleeping in, but has been delivering the Record-Eagle.  It was very nice to have my paper.  Thanks, Dean.

A lot of people are working today, lighting a candle, making the day brighter for the rest of us. 

  • Thanks to the firefighters, EMTs and county deputies on duty in Torch Lake Township on this snowy Christmas.  I’m pretty sure I won’t need any of you, but it’s nice to know you’re there if I do.
  • Thanks to the farmers who were up early this morning to tend the livestock.  I can relate.  Yours are bigger, though, and most likely a lot more work.
  • Thanks to all the pastors and priests, choir directors and church organists who have been making joyous the season.  You are probably all ready for a vacation in a sunny place and I hope you get one.
  • Thanks to the volunteers who are serving holiday dinners for neighbors who would otherwise go without.
  • Thanks to people who are visiting hospitals and nursing homes today, whether you’re going to visit your own loved ones or somebody else’s.    
  • Thanks to the mothers and fathers of little kids.  You won’t get a day off until, oh, about 2018 or so.  Great fringe benefits, though.
  • Thanks to the middle-aged sons and daughters who are taking care of their parents.  It’s an exhausting job, and you’re probably doing it on top of a couple of other jobs.  May you have great joys to lift your hearts.

You might be working today, too.  Look at the pleasant glow just one little candle makes.  Thanks.  Merry Christmas.

Terra cotta Christmas