Season of light

Posted on December 21, 2008


Light just . . . many little candlesOutside the Writing Studio and Bait Shop the land is deep in snow and the earliest dark of the year is gathering. Indoors we’ve lit a fire and heated up some of Sonny’s Swedish sausage. We need comfort at the Winter Solstice. We get cranky. Too introspective for our own good.

A couple years ago I was driving home from work in the gloom, feeling sorry for myself, when the announcer on Interlochen Public Radio said something that helped a lot: “Remember, this is as dark as it gets!” From here on, each new day, minute by minute, will bring us a little more light and warmth. The promise of this dark season is that it will end.

Until then, we’re lighting all the candles we can find.  These should lighten your spirits:

  • Across the Bay in Northport, P.J. Grath wrote about the glorious sunshine on Saturday in Here Comes the Sun!
  • It’s already night in northern England, where Heather Uphilldowndale wrote Half Way There.
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