Day trip: Scenic drive through ripening plenty

Posted on July 16, 2008


When I was little, I lived on a farm in Wisconsin and took it for granted that I would eat peas off the vine, sitting in the dirt in the sun while a loving grandma worked nearby. I would pick blackberries and blueberries in the sandy, brambly patches near the woods. No wonder that years later, when I lived in the city, I could get all weepy over 4H produce displays at the State Fair.

Living here I am constantly dazed by beauty. Sometimes I just have to stop and fill my eyes full, saving it up so I’ll have it when I really need it. As we have discussed, I am no Babs Young. These snapshots are just a suggestion of what you can find to look at for yourself. Go ahead – this is the time. Take a Sunday drive along M-88 through Antrim County. Fill your eyes full.

One of my favorite sweeping views on M-88 – this one from the top of the hill by King Orchards, looking north toward Shooks Farm.

Tarts are ripe. Not so many this year, but jewel-like all the same.

Making hay while the sun shines and cloud shadows chase across the fields.

Piglets at Providence Farm – I’m trying to get used to the idea that if I want bacon . . .

Taking pictures of my produce again. This week’s share: new potatoes, peas, romaine, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, dill, baby zucchini and pattypan. The Cowboy is fond of vegetables and fruit – especially new peas and sugar pears. Have to watch him.