Dear Birds: Please visit Torch Lake Township. The banquet is open.

Posted on July 5, 2008


This mayfly landed on the front door on the last day of June and was still there the next day. Since she’s much more attractive than the junebugs that are all over the place, I thought I’d post her as the emblem of the invasion. Ever since it stopped snowing (sometime in mid-June as I recall) we’ve had an influx of insect life. Insects, bugs, spiders, flies – thank heavens most of ’em don’t bite. Anyway, I just thought I’d alert the birds who’ve migrated up here for the summer (fudgie birds) that over here in Torch Lake Township we are well supplied with tasty treats and amazing Insect Biomass. They should all come over and feast.

The woodpeckers are doing their part, but I fear they don’t mind destroying my house to save it.  Purple martins, now – I wonder if Daugherty Johnson would teach me to make purple martin houses . . . Next year I could put ’em all over the woods near the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.  Think of it – Petoskey stone bird houses, mossy bird houses, tiny little log cabin bird houses, gigantic timberframe lodge style bird houses . . . It could become – get ready for it – a Cottage Industry.