Inquiring cyclists want to know: the RAT, the Muskie, and Big Mac

Posted on June 29, 2008


My brother in law Dennis trained hard for his Mid-Life Cross Country Bicycle Tour.  (He once pedaled 40 miles up a mountain in a sleet storm to meet my sister and me at a Sundance film.)  He finally got around to reading Torch Lake Views and had some questions: 

  • I’ll bet DOD enjoys reading about Torch Lake and environs.  But did you really use guns for Muskie?

I was a little girl when all this muskie business got started.  I remember the rowboats and the powerful lanterns and the lily pads and the great size and ferocity of the beasts – and that was just the mosquitoes.  I don’t specifically recall the pistols DOD introduced into the discussion, but I’m sure that in a year or so I’ll remember them quite clearly. (Just in case you thought I was kidding about Rhinelander muskies, go take a look at the one a certain “Tom T.” caught at the Oaken Bucket Resort on Thunder Lake.)

  • And is it true there are two days a year one can bicycle across the Mackinac Bridge?

Two cycling events feature a ride across Big Mac – one in mid-June  and one in mid-September (I will be expecting you and Mary and A-M to drop in about then).  For more information I refer you to the Mackinac Chamber of Commerce, which has a nifty page-flipper brochure.

There are other irresistible cycling events nearby: 

Zoo de Mackinac logoZoo de Mackinac – I love the logo. 

The RAT – The Ride Around Torch goes right past the road to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop. This year the riders will get to use the nice new wide shoulders all along US-31. 

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