Promise of spring – WHHS geranium sale

Posted on January 20, 2008


It’s ten degrees outside my front door this morning, but there’s also a promise that spring will come.  The Wilkinson Homestead Historical Society 2008 Geranium Order Form arrived, just in time to supply a little hope!  The order deadline is February 15 for plants that will be ready in May.  Go ahead – have a little faith in the face of winter. 

jardin-de-sophie-geranium.jpgI found these cheery geraniums posted on Marcelle’s Memories, a blog from Down Under,  accompanying the poem reprinted here with permission:

Geraniums love walls
They seem to look their best
In front of ancient bricks –
Like painted soldiers, drest
And stiffly on parade.
Each scarlet bloom’s a cockade,
On a blade of green.
They make one say:
“Who would ever dream
an old brick wall
could look so gay?”

— Marcelle Pollington