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Pots of preparedness

February 23, 2014


So there I was working on my Errands List when ny cellphone muttered.  Neighbor Nannette was calling to say that she had acquired the flowerpot we needed for an important scientific experiment–and that she was going to make Reuben sandwiches for supper. Would I care to . . . ?  I believe I was knocking […]

Polish Pasties

January 14, 2014


Back in October I trotted into the Eastport Market in search of seasonal treats. My head was thinking “chocolate” but my nose was sniffing . . . onions? Simmering in butter? Pierogis??? Shades of my beloved Detroit, where Polish delicacies are turned out by grandmothers in Hamtramck restaurants and church ladies at St. Florian’s and […]

Breakfast at the Torch Lake Cafe Saturday – You come too.

April 5, 2013


As everyone Around Here knows by now, Chris and Sonny divided the Torch Lake Market in two and put both sides up for lease. Then they went on vacation. All winter snow piled up in the parking lot and I mourned. However. On Saturday morning at 8 am the Torch Lake Cafe will reopen. I […]

Real cider up on the third ridge

October 21, 2012


I was over at King Orchards buying more apples when John King told me the news. They were getting a cider operation going again. Now this is really news, because they used to make cider—and very successfully too—but decided if they were going to work that hard they might as well just go ahead and […]

Sixteen pasties

October 4, 2012


Cora Stoppert has been having a bit of trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome, and went off to the surgeon for some repairs. The first hand is done. "I can knit again," she announced cheerfully, "but I don't have the strength to cut up rutabagas for pasties."

Un-moose at leisure

June 30, 2012


Bruce Laidlaw was out and about along M-88 and stopped to admire the elk at Conant's Maplehurst Farms . . . which are definitely not moose but do answer to wapiti or omashkooz.