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Babs is better

April 21, 2014


What can I say, I press “Publish” and my post goes up, amateur snapshots and all.  An hour or so later I open my email to discover the weekly Michigan Pic from Babs Young: Babs is better. On the other hand, she is persuaded, based on that very view, that spring is still a long way […]

Exceeds expectations

April 20, 2014


Language is a tricky thing. That’s one of the things I like about it. Also one of the things about it that I distrust. Consider the ambiguous note on report cards and in personnel files–Exceeds expectations. On its face, that must be good, probably better than Fails to meet expectations. But whose expectations? And what […]

The healing power of TLC, sunshine and moss

April 16, 2014


Yesterday morning we had more snow.  The sun came out and drove it away, but this morning we had more snow again. Is there no end to it?  Apparently not.  But never mind.  Even in the depth of despair there is healing for the frozen spirit. Yesterday was a case in point. Babs invited me to breakfast […]

Waking gently

April 13, 2014


At the Writing Studio and Bait Shop mist rose from patches of rich brown leaves and flowed across the Bay, hiding the Leelanau Peninsula.  A mile to the east, Babs Young woke to blue Torch Lake, where the ice is melting at last. Colors are coming back into the world.

Mud season trots in on little fox feet

April 12, 2014


Bruce the Weatherman (not to be confused with Bruce the Maple Syrup Tycoon) writes: Andi and I have fled to Ann Arbor to avoid Eastport’s usual April mud. But it looks like the mud there is still covered. While we are away, we have network cameras keeping their eyes on things. We also have a […]

Sap’s Up!

April 4, 2014


Bruce Bigelow likes to have something to do.  When he was just a young sprout he used to help his aunt and uncle make maple syrup.  He loves maple syrup.  He looked around at all the maples in his yard and thought to himself, I am going to tap some trees and make some maple syrup.  […]