Report from the Weatherman et al.

Posted on January 24, 2016


I told Mr. Tootlepedal over in Scotland, where it seems to be unseasonably green and springlike, that I had winter to spare and would be happy to share.  He said photographic evidence would be welcome.  This post is for him.  Also for all you Summer People who are in Florida.  I know how you are.

Neighbors Bruce (the Weatherman) and Andi arrived at their cottage on the bluff just in time to enjoy a real Up North winter. This is how their driveway looked.

Winter Welcomes the Weatherman

My driveway does not look like that, on account of mine is not so far back in the woods. My stairs and my deck, though, were beginning to attract mountain climbers. Neighbor Judy took measures.

Neighbor Judy clears the deck

It is a wonderful thing to have good neighbors, especially young and hardy ones.  (Judy does not have orange hair.  I took that picture through the window, and I’m pretty sure the orange blob is the reflection of the little camera.)  Judy and Paul have even more dogs than I do, and are regulars at Mickey’s Beach.  They decided we would all get lonesome over the winter, so they had people over for dinner.  I brought Carol Park’s famous scalloped pineapple.  I am a bad influence on the young.  I digress.

Of course, it continues to snow.  Up at the (re)construction site at M-88 and US-31, it was piled high and deep on Saturday.  More about this next time, when you will learn possibly more than you want to know about repurposing 19th century buildings for 21st century uses.

2019 will be a fantastic year