Dispatches from the front

Posted on June 2, 2014


I created a draft of this post back on March 19 and never finished it. I think it depressed me . . .  Things are much better now, and I will show you all that tomorrow.  But tonight it’s so warm here that I feel the need of a little cooling off.  This should do.

March 19, 2014:  We continue to have . . . weather. I’ll bet you are having weather too. On the off-chance that this will make you feel better about your weather, we’d like to report that it will be a long road to spring Around Here.

It's a long road to spring

Small chores like keeping the mailbox clear so that Dee Grammer can deliver our bills (and the occasional cheery greetings from sisters, always appreciated)–those small chores loom ever larger as the winter goes on, and on, and . . . . some of us have given up entirely.

Probably no mail delivery anytime soon

Not Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I, of course.  We are devoted to our mailbox.  For one thing, it gives me something to grab onto when I want to climb over the snowpiles in order to wade through the snowdrifts on the “path” to the “steps” to the beach, just so that I can capture a lovely view of the setting moon over Peshawbestown.  It is harder than you might expect to capture a lovely view on a deeply frosted dawn.  This is the best we could manage.  I know it does not obey the Rule of Thirds.  We are bad at rules.

Moonset over Peshawbestown

On the bright side, the roads were clear all the way to Traverse City and in the parking lot at the Office Depot, where Bradley was able to supply me with a replacement monitor at a very reasonable price, all things considered.  I will not even get into how I managed to break the old one, but everyone over at the Central Lake Library heard my moaning.  Come to think of it, the librarians at the Elk Rapids Library heard me moaning about it, too.  It seems that Librarians fill the role of counselors and spiritual advisors in my winter life.  This will be one way we get through Endless Winter.