At least Babs is taking care of business

Posted on February 21, 2013


During my protracted absence from the blogosphere, Babs Young soldiered on, documenting the winter of 2013 so that generations hence may be suitably awed by what we put up with back in the Olden Times. This of course assumes that these posts will survive that long in a form that can be read by future humans, and that said humans will be interested in what we have to say to them. Ah well. We are a stubborn lot, and will tell our stories regardless.

There’s a lot of good stuff in here. You can click on the image to see a bigger version.

Babs got up early on February 9. Her reward was the golden sunrise over the first clear sheet of ice on the north end of Torch Lake. (First ice on the lake is a whole ‘nother thing than first ice on the roads, and we won’t even get into my driveway.)
Sunrise on Torch Lake - first ice

By contrast, January 13 offered the Bay in black and white. Babs wrote: This is Grand Traverse Bay near Elk Rapids. We have lots of snow and it just keeps coming, more each day. I rather love it. There is no accounting for tastes. When the Bay looks like this, even Miss Sadie and the Cowboy would just as soon dash back in the house and pile into my reading chair.

Bay in Winter 013113_0674

On January 19 she was commiserating with cattle. She wrote: Met these folks today along Church Road. Their fur coats seemed to be keeping them warm even though it was 15º. They wanted me to say hello to all of you.

Cattle on Church Road 011913_0476

January 25 was nice and colorful, but pretty scary anyway if you ask me. Babs was in Charlevoix making pictures of the icy teeth on the railings at the channel light.

Charlevoix light railings with ice 012513_0503

Finally, I want to show you what Blue Heaven looked like just the other day. Babs wrote: What a beautiful winter it has been. Lots of snow off and on, lots of sun, off and on. It just gets better and better. The woman is a cockeyed optimist. But she’s right about the beauty.
7 Snow in Blue Heaven 020813_0883