A bridge to somewhere

Posted on August 19, 2012


Babs Young has been off to Charlevoix again.  She writes: Here is the drawbridge in Charlevoix as the ferry is leaving for Beaver Island.  People never seem to tire of watching the boats go by and the bridge go up and down, almost every hour and on the half hour too.

I suspect she saw the comment from Mr. Tootlepedal awhile ago and decided to fulfill his wish. She’s kind that way.  Besides, she’s very fond of the little red channel light and will use any excuse to take its picture.  (You can barely glimpse it in this shot, waaaay out there in the distance, but it’s there, like one of Alfred Hitchcock’s cameo appearances.)

The bridge is very useful if your tallish boat is moored in Round Lake and you want to take it out into Lake Michigan. On the other hand, the bridge is often cursed by people wishing to move between, say, Eastport and Petoskey during the height of the summer. I have been known to make an intemperate remark myself.  Living amidst all these lakes is lovely, but it can be inconvenient. Yes indeed it can.

At least when this bridge is down it is possible to take it to get from somewhere pleasant to somewhere else pleasant, so that’s all right then.