And then he went for a walk

Posted on August 6, 2012


Babs Young has been watching movies for a week.  On Sunday she wrote: The 8th Traverse City Film Festival concluded today. I attended a marathon of 12 films.  The closing film was The Zen of Bennett, made by Tony’s son Danny, who was here along with Unjoo Moon and Jennifer Lebeau. It was fabulous.

This is, of course, Michael Moore during his annual Mike’s Surprise performance. Those who follow Michael on Twitter were able to go with him on one of his famous walks.

In fact, those who were at Lars Hockstad Auditorium were able to follow Michael out the door and go on the real-life walk.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are overjoyed. They feel that I spend altogether too much time gazing at the monitor, and wish to follow Michael Moore’s example. A good walk may not solve every problem in the world, but it’s a start. One paw at a time.

Babs concluded: Thanks Michael for a great festival.