What are we bid?

Posted on July 1, 2012


Have I got a deal for you.  Babs Young took this picture at 9:15 this evening, looking south from the northwest end of Torch Lake.  She says it’s further proof, should you need any, that the west side is the best side.  You could come up and decide the matter for yourself.

Beginning today, Antrim County Democrats are auctioning off a whole raft of great stuff donated by members.  Vacations.  Boat rides.  Art.  Tickets to some of the great movies coming up at the Traverse City Film Festival.  (If you win that bid you get to go to the movie with Michael Moore.  There is hardly anybody who’s more fun at a movie than Michael.)    Proceeds will be used to campaign vigorously for the Democratic ticket.

If you would like to help us do that–or if you don’t care one way or the other but would like to bid on a really great vacation package or a dinner for six or a photography lesson from You Know Who–toddle on over to the Antrim Dems website and examine the goods.  Or just download the auction catalog and dream a little.

Bidding for the online part ends on July 14.  There’s a party on July 17 from 7-9 at the Blue Pelican Banquet Room on East Torch Lake Drive.   We’ll finish up the bidding on the most special items at the live auction that night.  There will be some surprises in a silent auction, too.  Also excellent treats.

I don’t see how you can go wrong, but just to add one more enticement, if you go over there to bid because you read about it here, and if you win the bidding on one of the vacations, Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I will treat you to breakfast for two at Chris and Sonny’s Torch Lake Market.  How can you resist?  You can’t.  Have fun.